Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The HOLO Retreat Center (Holistic Organic Retreat Center) is a concept that grew from our desire to follow an organic, wholesome path – not just in terms of what we produce but in the way we approach life. You can read how we arrived at this point in the About Us page

Everyday we meet people that are racing just to stand still. Work is basically about paying the mortgage, family time is something that only happens with a great deal of planning and life in general is one big ball of stress.

berriesMany of us have become so far removed from our food and community that we have lost touch with life itself. We go through the motions on a daily basis, not really knowing where we are going or what our greater plan is. We are not really in control of our own lives, but merely drifting and being shuffled about. Life is something that happens to us rather than us living life.

HOLO Organics grew out of a desire to follow our own path in life. We wanted to live it on our terms with a clear end goal in sight.

The bigger plan for HOLO is to fund a retreat center where people can come at very little cost to reconnect with themselves. It is not a business proposal but rather a holistic concept – a place where people can learn how easy it is to cook and grow organic food and how to live daily life without ingesting or being subject to a whole host of toxic chemicals.

We want to help people lead a full life and help open the door to them leading an exciting life full of opportunity, where the path they walk is one they set and plan for themselves.


Motivational speakers, massage, meditation, career guidance, solitude, wellbeing, tai chi, yoga, positive thinking, self control and discipline, organic foods, cookery – there is a whole host of classes and events we want to make available to people. The critical issue for us is that they offer people a perspective on their own lives that they may be seeking.

Yes, we’re hippies in disguise. We want to save the world.

Why all this? Wouldn’t it be easier pocket the profit and say thanks very much?

Well yes, it would, but we’d be missing something – our goal, our purpose, call it what you will.

The reason we want to do this is we feel driven to set it up. We’re not yoga, massage or cookery teachers. You won’t find us offering classes on tai chi or natural medicine. Our part in this is establishing the HOLO retreat and finding people who can teach these things. It is a way of life, a movement we want to build. A community of people who are defined by what they think, say and do in terms of their food, spirit and pathways in life.


As that community grows it will effect real change in the world, changing people’s lives for the better and showing them how to live a full life, on their own terms.

That said, we gotta start somewhere. We’re only a drop in the ocean now and that sits comfortably with us. Here’s to the future!