It’s the small things that are big
It’s the small things that are big

It’s the small things that are big

Finally we’ve started distributing Holo. Supervalu have been good to us and their stores in Cork will (hopefully) be stocked with Holo this week and you’ll find us in good independent retailers too.

With that train pulling out and all the last minute jobs competing for attention, it’s amazing how a BIG GOAL disintegrates into a lot of small little steps. There’s no magic formula to what we’re doing. There are no shortcuts nor back doors to open. It’s just plain hard work and the want or drive to just keep going. 🙂

Truth is of course, nothing is ever exactly right. There’s always something you could have done better, a design you could have tweaked, a letter you could have written better, maybe more phone calls you should have made – the list is endless once you go down that road. But they are all things that should never stop you from getting out there. You could spend all year waiting for the perfect moment and it will never come. You can spend the next week drafting letters and they still won’t be perfect. So you select a point in time and jump, half knowing and half trusting that everything is going to be fine.

In the middle of all the small things it’s easy to get lost. Having a clear picture of the end result helps clear the mind and put things in perspective. Stressing about late boxes is just a way to learn patience. Hearing rejection after rejection is just a way to learn inner strength. Doing it anyway despite all the naysayers is just a way to inner belief. Perspective is everything! That light at the end of the tunnel is either a train coming at ya or sunlight…

holo-1But somewhere, magically, that disintegration of the Big Goal reverses and all those little things morph back into the Big Goal. Somewhere along the way the thousand steps you took have led you to a point where you are finally putting bottles into boxes and boxes into vans.

It’s a bit like life. You are going to have to take a thousand steps anyway so you might as well take them in a direction you want to go. Someone, somewhere said life is like a conveyor – we’re all on it and having to move along towards the end whether we like it or not. We can stay on the conveyor and let it drop us off at the end, or we can jump from the safety of the conveyor and make our own way – bumps and all. It’s a bit more risky, definitely more challenging but infinitely more fun!