#Winning – Great Taste Awards
#Winning – Great Taste Awards

#Winning – Great Taste Awards

Thrilled that Holo Kombucha has won a gold star at the Great Taste Awards. 12,366 products were entered and 500 judges went sipping, poking, prodding, smelling and tasting (Let us save you some math – each had to taste an average of 25 products :D) . That means we’re in the top third of producers entered in the UK and Ireland. Go on Holo!

It’s the only competition we’ve entered this year so it’s really cool to be awarded the Gold Star. Which is strange in a way because I always thought to myself that I wouldn’t need ‘outside validation.’

After all the time spent brewing test batch after batch after batch, we arrived at a point where we just knew we had the right recipe. It was a eureka moment, that first taste when we knew yup, this was the one to change the world 🙂


We think Holo is a fantastic drink. It’s basically left the way nature would ferment it, neither rushed nor filtered, pasteurised or pumped full of gas. Nothing but good vibes! So why enter a competition if we already had a deep seated belief in Holo?

In truth, I guess we’re all looking that bit outside of ourselves for someone to tell us we’re doing ok. In an age where you are meant to have it all, the need for reassurance from parents, friends, associates, colleagues, heck, anyone(!) helps to calm us down and keep us sane.

So in a start-up like ours, that bit of validation from the Great Taste Awards is so welcome. It at least means our taste buds are working just fine!