Our Vibration
Our Vibration

Our Vibration

You got a nice vibe.

Yes, you! You reading this. You got a nice vibe! Y’see, we all got one. We are all entities that vibrate at a certain rate. Beneath all that showy exterior, beneath all those worries, bravado or anxiety, beneath all our flesh and bones, deeper down into our cells and through them, down into our atoms. Keep going, right through the protons, neutrons and electrons, deeper still past the quarks and eventually, you arrive at a state where you begin to see that we are this conglomeration of coherent energy, an energy that vibrates and pulses, an energy that zips in and out of being, an energy that exists in a gigantic and universal field of energy.

Something makes us tick. Something makes us who we are, each one of us pretty unique and different, something special that has decided to just be and exist and be ‘us’ amidst billions and billions of people, an ‘I Am’  that has never been and never will be again! Each one of us are that freaking unique and it is awesome.

Everything we do affects this sense of being that we hold. Read that again! Unfortunately, that simple belief can be lost beneath a mountain of advertising, a modern lifestyle that is constantly frantic and which directs us to never really switch off and to just be with ourselves. Our connection to ourselves and to the greater whole has been diminished over time and it is a connection that grows ever weaker the more we go about our lives never being conscious or mindful of it.

Hence the stickman image that you’ve seen on the Holo labels.

Our vibribrational pattern

Imagine yourself standing on a platform (bear with me here!). This platform is supported by three legs, much like a three legged stool. When all three legs are in balance a three legged stool is a pretty steady place to be. If one of the legs is weaker than the others, it gets a big shaky and there is only one way to balance the stool again – either shorten the other two legs or strengthen the leg that was weak.

The converse also applies. If you have one leg longer on a three legged stool, you can rebalance it by also making the other two legs longer.

So, here you are standing on this three legged platform and each of the three legs we’ve labelled 1. Food, 2. Exercise and 3. Lifestyle – I’ll give a brief description of each below before explaining how each affects our vibrational pattern.


  1. Food
    Our food ‘leg’ is everything that we eat. Food that is in alignment with our true selves strengthens this leg. Food that is not good for us weakens it. When we consider our food, we can ask ourselves these questions to determine if it is strengthening or weakening us – is it organic, is it grown with good motive, is it grown in a happy environment, has it been overly processed, has it been stressed or treated cruelly, is it produced just out of greed?
    Good food then, is food that has been grown organically, processed minimally and produced with the best of intentions from farm to fork. It’s energy has not been contaminated by greed or disharmony.

2. Exercise
We were designed to move. And move a lot. Exercise produces chemicals in our body that make us feel good. Exercise moves energy within us. Everything is in constant motion in this universe, it is energy that is ever moving and ever changing from one form to another. We are no different. Stagnation in our lives is when we begin to feel unhappy. Stagnation in our bodies is not good – everything inside of us is constantly moving – think of our blood, our cells dying and being replaced, our digestion process, the way our bones, tendons and muscles were designed to move, our lymphatic system – exercise is akin to the Chinese concept of Yin-Yang – Yin ever changing into yang and yang ever changing into yin. It is a continuous process that never ends. So stagnation in any aspect of our lives but especially physical stagnation is to be avoided. So move. Move like no one is watching. When we move, we begin to vibrate higher. When we stagnate, we begin to vibrate lower.

3. Lifestyle
This is a catch all term for everything else outside our food and exercise. It is our work life, our home life, our love and sexual life, how we think, act and judge. For example, when we are happy at work, when we like what we do, we feel happier in ourselves. Thus this ‘leg’ of our platform strengthens up and we begin to vibrate higher. If we are unhappy in our relationship, we feel sad. Things aren’t right and this  leg weakens – we begin to vibrate lower.

As we go through life, how we approach each of these three things means that each leg is either getting stronger or weaker. To illustrate the connection between all three legs lets look at some simple examples.

Example 1 – Food
Say we woke up last week and we decided to eat good food from there on in. We’re eating food that is organic, food that resonates with us and really nourishes our bodies. The effect is beginning to hit home now and we have more energy. We feel pumped, alive and on point! With all this energy we find ourselves exercising more. We try new things. We move in a different way. Our good diet makes us walk that bit better, our head is held higher, our back straighter! We’re confident we’re going places! Our good diet has led us to exercise and these two combined mean that we now have a new zest for life! We begin to look at new jobs with a can do attitude. We’re no longer happy to just sludge away at meaningless work.
What has happened is that our food ‘leg’ has elevated higher. This has led us to also strengthen our exercise leg. For our platform to rebalance itself, our lifestyle must now elevate up as well and find that we rebalance ourselves at a higher vibrational pattern. A consistent approach to this leads to a higher level of happiness.

Example 2
Lets apply the theory in reverse. Say our marriages sucks. It’s crappy. We should have left long ago but couldn’t see a way out.  Our lifestyle leg is pretty weak, and its dragging down our platform. Our  response typically goes like this – first we try to maintain our vibrational pattern by using the other two legs (food and exercise) to ‘prop’ us up. We begin to eat way better or we over exercise spending long hours in the gym or out running or cycling. Our diet becomes extreme. They are all ways of avoiding dealing with our unhappy marriage. But it’s a false balance. Just as you can only balance on two legs of a three legged stool for so long, so it is with your three legged platform. Attempting to use two legs to keep yourself elevated at a higher vibrational pattern doesn’t work forever and sooner or later things give way. We can’t keep up with the exercise timetable we’ve given ourselves, our body gives out or we tire of our extreme diet. We crash and we find this platform that we stand on rebalancing itself at a much lower level. Everything has come into balance again but now we have a weak diet and exercise and lifestyle.


Example 3
We hate our job. It’s soul destroying. The boss is an ass and we just can’t seem to find a way to work elsewhere. We’re afraid of moving work, we think no one would hire us. We’re over the hill, no piece of paper from college and we feel pretty crap about our work. This negativity is affecting our lifestyle – we don’t meditate, we dread the morning alarm, we withdraw into ourselves or start using substances like alcohol to compensate. We work Monday to Friday just to drink at the weekend and forget our existence. So we got a weak lifestyle leg. It affects our food intake – we turn to comfort food to temporarily make us feel good. We eat fast meals, fatty foods, go through the biscuit pack like it was mana from heaven. Our crappy food intake and bad energy from work means we can’t get our brain to engage and force ourselves to exercise. What is in effect happening is that we are rebalancing at a lower vibrational level. Our food and our exercise legs have weakened to match that of our lifestyle.


What we do in any area of our lives is affecting one of these pillars that support us. Everything we do, whether it be yoga, meditation, work, walking, being in nature, eating animals, conversing with people, walking barefoot, being greedy, jealous – anything – is affecting our vibrational pattern and either weakening our support legs or strengthening them. We can compensate a weak leg by attempting the magical act of balancing on the two other legs but it only lasts a very short while. Therefore, the only way to elevate higher consistently, is to ensure that we consciously engage with all three legs – food, exercise and lifestyle – and pay attention to what we are doing.

Do yourself a favour. Live like no – one is watching. Watch what you eat. Move. Be mindful in your lifestyle – your work, relationships and friends. Remember that you have a relationship with yourself also. Do not fall for advertising, the constant bombardment of news and media telling you what to do, how to act, obey and live. Do not trust those that encroach on your freedom, bit by bit. Take with a pinch of salt those who insist you must do this or that. Read. Read like your freedom depended on it.  Live consciously. In every aspect of your life. If you do this, you’ll begin to elevate higher and find a new level of happiness. If you do this, you will free yourself.