Follow your dreams
Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams

Don’t be afraid of following your dreams. So often, we see people following a path that is not theirs – it might be for family, out of fear, social expectations or simply they think they have no choice. Some of us operate on autopilot, drifting through life and never really experiencing the sheer joy (and fear!) that comes with following your own path.

When you decide to work towards your dream, life takes on a different meaning. It becomes driven, resonating at a deeper level that just another day job. The old adage that “if you dread going into work you are doing the wrong job” is so true because work is something that should leave you full and hungry for more. Work should be a passion, not a chore.

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At some point in our lives, we all have that idea that keeps coming to us and we dismiss it as something we are not capable of.  It’s too far ‘out there’, we’ve too much responsibility now, what would the husband/neighbours/father/stranger think? Where would we get the money, it’s crazy – there are a hundred things we tell ourselves to try convince ourselves that this idea is not for us. The insane thing about it is we wouldn’t have this dream were it not meant for us! All these excuses are the result of fear. We fear change, we fear social rejection, we fear being the butt of humiliation, we fear failure.

Truth is, all these fears rarely come to pass. They are a product of our own internal conversations. When you hear them, know that they are your fear drowning out your opportunity. It is an internal battle as is much of everything in life. When you look closer, it’s only you that challenges you. The obstacle – and the solution – was you all along!

Imagine what could be if instead you went chasing that idea, that dream? It doesn’t have to mean instantly leaving your job, flying to another country and staking it all on the roll of a dice. It does mean getting up in the morning and doing the hard work no one else wants to do. Working towards your dream doesn’t mean all rainbows and sunny days. It does mean wading through the muck knowing that it’s all part of the journey.

Take no notice of what people say. This is your dream and only you will understand it. Accept that it’s going to be scary and go do it anyway! If it wasn’t how would you grow? How do you become better if you don’t run, walk and crawl your way through challenges in life?

This idea you have, this journey, is worth a thousand day jobs. The end goal will keep changing as you travel further along. And that’s ok – what’s important is what you become as you follow your dream. It will transform you into a new you, the person you wished you were when you first thought of the idea! Don’t wait until tomorrow, next year or the next idea. Start now. Start acting on your dream now. The minute you begin to act, the sooner that dream crystalises into a reality.



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